Executive Officer Appointed

19 January 2015

Alan Jenkins, the retiring chief executive of the Electricity Networks Association, has been appointed Executive Officer of Energy Trusts of New Zealand.

The ENA represents the operators of power lines distribution companies and ETNZ represents their owners.
ETNZ chair Karen Sherry says Mr Jenkins brings invaluable experience to the work of the distribution industry in ensuring efficient and reliable power supply.

“His appointment means that not only can we draw on his extensive knowledge but our ability to represent the interests of power consumers at the highest levels will be further strengthened.”

Mr Jenkins has been ENA’s chief executive since its establishment in 1999 and has previously held senior roles in the power industry.

He was a general manager at the Ministry of Energy, chair of the Rural Electricity Reticulation Council, assistant secretary of the oil and gas division of the Ministry of Energy, and was closely involved in the establishment of the LPG industry.

Mr Jenkins, who joins ETNZ in February, says he is delighted to work with the distribution industry’s key governing organisations.

More Information: Karen Sherry 029 846 5871


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