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The collective voice of consumer-owned power distribution in New Zealand

Energy Trusts of New Zealand - Better Together

Energy Trusts of New Zealand Incorporated (ETNZ) is the national organisation of consumer-owned power distribution. We represent and advocate on behalf of regional energy trusts located throughout New Zealand. These trusts are owners of companies operating electricity distribution networks on behalf of local consumers and communities. 



Member Services

ETNZ supports our members to get the best outcomes for consumers and communities through efficient and innovative power distribution, unimpeded by unnecessary rules and backward-looking market structures. We seek policy outcomes that deliver supply reliability, lowest reasonable costs and positive reliable outcomes. We also assist members in meeting their responsibilities in providing effective, informed governance of the assets they are entrusted to protect.


We advocate on behalf of our consumer-owned member trusts on the issues that matter to them. 


We provide an information hub for our members to access, with latest updates, changes, resources and more.


We provide opportunities for our members to come together and connect, share insight and knowledge, and develop their collective voice. 


Consumer-focused, consumer-owned electricity distribution


Electricity System Meeting Winter Demand

It’s comforting to see that the electricity system is meeting mid-winter demand, especially through the very cold and windy conditions we’ve been experiencing. 

Making sure that the Herculean efforts that go into keeping the lights on get noticed is challenging, and it’s worth thinking about how to get better coverage to highlight this.


Our 2022 ETNZ Spring Conference will be held on Thursday 10th and Friday 11th November. Hosted by Waipa Networks Trust, the event is happening at the Don Rowlands Centre, Lake Karipiro, Cambridge.

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