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Energy Trusts New Zealand

ETNZ is the national organisation for 22 energy trusts, the majority of whom own shares in companies that operate electricity distribution networks (lines businesses). Member trusts have investments of nearly $6 billion in these lines companies, based on conservative regulatory valuations.

ETNZ Conferences provide a forum for representatives from energy trusts to share knowledge and to hear from key stakeholders involved in the energy sector.


The trusts that own most of the lines industry on behalf of communities or consumers are not involved in day-to-day management. However, like any group of shareholders, they have rights to appoint suitably qualified directors to the boards of the companies they own, to ensure those directors meet expectations and to approve major transactions.

While some of the Trusts have deeds and responsibilities which are similar, many are varied and may include community trusts, consumer trusts and a mix of appointed/elected people on them.

Benefits to
Consumers & Retailers

Trusts are obliged to foster an environment that enables lines companies to operate as successful businesses. This poses challenges under the current heavy regulatory regime, but trusts and ETNZ are advocates for liberalisation of controls that discourage innovation and fail to promote sensible outcomes such as energy efficiency.

Consumer and community ownership give ETNZ and our members a strong focus on consumer interests. While protecting the investments they are responsible for is a priority, trusts recognise that the best outcomes for the people and regions they serve must be kept in mind. This customer focus is recognised in legislation, which exempts many trust-owned companies from the strict price controls applied to electricity distribution.


ETNZ works closely with the Electricity Networks Association (ENA) which represents the interests of the country's electricity lines companies - the lines sector.

ENA's  members range in size from Vector, with about 540,000 end users, down to Buller Electricity, with about 4,500.



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