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Transpower’s 9 August warning generation not meeting system safety margin

Transpower, as ‘System Operator’, maintains a register of current and live data on the electricity supply situation. It’s useful to be aware of this as, with a bit of practise, you can keep abreast of the risks facing your customers and beneficiaries when problems (such as this week’s Customer Advice Notice from Transpower surface. Click here to access data.

You’ll find the following links at that site. As a general guide:

  • Notices for Insufficient Generation provide fairly arcane information about the monthly supply/demand situation. The most recent Assessments (forecasts) and Reports can be found if you click Notices for Insufficient Generation and then click the bulleted Overview of notices for insufficient generation that appears. We’ll put the latest August 2022 report into item ‘C’ below. • Customer Advice Notices appear when significant issues arise, e.g.the amount of uncommitted energy in the system falls to 200MW or less, out of the peak demand requirement of close to 7000MW. You can find them - including Transpower’s 9 August one - at Customer Advice Notices (CAN).
  • Excursion Notices are issued when power quality events occur on the Grid. See Excursion Notices.
  • Formal Notices are sent out to distributors when they are specifically required to do something to assist Transpower to maintain Grid security. For example, they went out to EDBs in June asking them to reduce demand, e.g. by turning off domestic hot water circuits. See Formal Notices
  • Another useful link is to Transpower’s ‘Live Data Tool’ For example, you can see how close to the margin supply has been over the past 24 hours on charts.